Color selection and specification sheet minimum required for the procedure must be performed taking into account the amount of air pollution.
The supporting structure, and the connections

Infrastructure and connections have to be made ​​to allow for expansion and contraction due to cooling and heating parts provided.

In cases where the implementation of a facade intended Hmbad windows, windows should be installed and integrated with Pyshqab.
Weather Layer

The minimum thickness of the air layer in all parts 25 mm. In addition, it is necessary to establish outlets in the upper and lower front air flow in this layer may be predicted.

Thermal shocks

Due to the low thickness of the polyethylene layer, double layer effect in terms of sudden and intense sun exposure is negligible and will not cause deformation of the sheet facing. Of course, as discussed in the previous sections, the connection parts has to be a safe cursor changes shape by expanding and contracting parts provided.

Aluminum profile aluminum frame construction with a metal substructure and connected. Hanging and Fixing plates connecting the skeleton of the building is done in two ways:

Special Dytlhay: