Name of God

Sunrise Trading Company and a subsidiary company with more than 14 years as one of the first companies

Pioneer in innovative materials for construction industry nationally known.

The Commerce Department also representative of reputable European and Asian companies and manufacturers offering quality products

Excellence in the construction industry, such as structural profiles, anti-theft doors, windows, UPVC, Machinery

Construction, manufacturing raw materials in the field of building materials, solar energy panels, HPL panels and

The aluminum composite sheets, doors and shutters engine net sales of these products in your country


  It is now more than 30 active dealers in the network are active in the body. Activities within the scope of the collection

Country has also established centers in the country of United Arabic Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Malaysia, and is developing

Sphere of influence beyond the boundaries of its business in the country.

Sunrise Trading exclusive representative of Swiss aluminum sheets, aluminum composite bonding, Lpvlyk, T L-Band, Eagles and Office

Official Lvband and plants in Iran.

The owner of the company brand ALPOLIC, v2-CALYPSO and more.
It is also holding a valid commercial by a group of companies with experience in

Context of the implementation of the composite sheet, the annual totals 500,000 square feet of public and private sector to introduce and

Will run.


 . Asians represent the company's most important business center located near Shanghai in China. The factory area is 35000 square meters. The company employs over 200 staff and an annual production of 16 million square meters factory for aluminum composite sheets.


Plum Swiss Band - Precision Machinery
The company has several factories and workshops, and modern standard with a complete production line for aluminum coil production Nzyrkhtvt painting (coating), extruding (Extruding) T, Lmynyshn (Lamination), etc. According to the latest technologies in America and Europe and also includes a research center - advanced laboratory.


Swiss plum line broadband, the technology and the speed of the production line in the world, with the approval of Henkel Germany. All the way to the production line, automatic and computer controlled equipment.
Aluminium Coil purchased must be completely free of contaminants. The painting or color coated aluminum coil Ktyng to be in an environment free of any dirt and dust is done.......